DogFart Behind The Scenes - Braylin Bailey BTS - 05/03/2022

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Description: This is Braylin Bailey's very first time at the Dpgfart Network and we'd like to give her a big welcome! She been in porn about a year and is twenty one years old. She was fifteen when she first had sex with her boyfriend. All her friends had already lost their virginity and of course she wanted to lose hers as well. It was Valentines day and her boyfriends friend was having a party at his house. She told her parents she was spending the night at her friends house but she actually went to the party and met her boyfriend there and the rest is history. Prior to getting into porn she admits she hasn't been with that many guys and she says it's less than ten. If you want to find out more then tune in to this Behind The Scenes interview.
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