DogFart Behind The Scenes - Corra Cox BTS - 04/12/2022

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Description: Welcome Corra Cox to the Dogfart Network! This is her very first appearance and we are glad to have her. She's nineteen and been doing porn for just twelve days. She lost her virginity when she was fourteen with a guy she used to sneak out of the house to go hangout with. She made him wait a while but eventually started planning on doing it. Her first time wasn't the greatest but that's not uncommon. They had sex a few more times but she ended up having to move away and that was that. She didn't have sex again for about a year and it was with her boyfriend but that also wasn't that great. I bet getting into porn has for sure solved any issues with not having great sex. Tune in to this Behind The Scenes interview for all this and much more!
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