The Minion - Delilah Strong - 12/30/2021

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Description: This is a true porn slut in every sense of the word. Delilah Strong visited me once before in my old dwellings and we went at it like 2 Mexicans at a swap meet. She didn't learn her lesson from our last encounter as she ridiculed my Adonis-like physique. I needed to remind her that us big guys won't take shit from hot chicks anymore. Delilah Strong soon realized that to get a hefty check (and a load of cum in her mouth) at the end was to repeat history and milk my shaft for all its worth. Delilah Strong became Delilah Weak as her body crumbled under the weight of mine. She tossed me into my pool but in hindsight it was a good thing. I needed to rinse her filth from my flawless body.
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