Gloryhole-Initiations - Jaden Simone - 07/02/2007

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Description: Jaden Simone is one hot piece of chocolate ass. She's only 19 too. When I asked her if I had a chance with her, she gave me the polite non-answer, which means no. I'm a little too old she says. Hell I can't compete with the 19 and 20 year old studs she's used to banging. But today there is some lucky stranger, probably much older than 20, that will get to be sucked and fucked by Jaden. That's right, I said fucked. Imagine fucking some 19 year old pussy through a hole in the wall? Never getting to meet her, and that's prolly a good thing because if she met you the sucking and fucking wouldn't have happened in the first place. Man I would give almost anything to be 20 again so I could hook up with Jaden!
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