Glory Hole - Bobbi Starr - 06/04/2007

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Description: Look for Bobbi Starr in the new Blockbuster Hollywood film "Drive". Bobbi Starr has plunked down some hard earned money for bragging rights. She's going to tell all her girlfriends about the day she went to an adult arcade only to end up 8 ounces heavier. They're going to call "bullshit" when Bobbi tells them that the interracial porn on display gave her the idea to masturbate in that rented booth. Next, her friends will hear in horror as Bobbi gives detailed descriptions of the huge black cock that was attached to a guy with no face. Bobbi Starr's history with black dick is pretty much non-existent so she had to crawl before she could walk. With her lips wrapped tightly around his black shaft Bobbi's face did some piston-like movements to keep him rock hard. When her jaw was overworked she used her hands to keep his dick from going south to Dixie. Bobbi Starr's fairy tale adventure with black dick culminated when he exploded right down her throat.
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