Dane Jones - Time For Blonde To Take a Big Veiny Dick - 01/19/2013

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Description: After running a hot bath she gazes at herself in the mirror, naked underneath her towel, she's feeling so sexy tonight. Her boyfriend can smell her pheromones and his dick is already getting hard. He wants to taste her before bed tonight. She lets the towel fall to the floor and his hands explore her warm, fit body. He gently squeezes her soft breasts, before they wonder downwards towards her panties, he can feel the heat from between her legs, it's thrilling! Leaning on the edge of the bathtub her eats her out, she tastes so sweet tonight, his cock is so hard it's almost bursting out of his pants. He releases it so she can take him into her mouth. Her warm wet tongue seduces the tip of his dick, she's already so wet and all she wants now is for him to be deep inside her.
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