SweetSinner - My Girlfriends Mother Vol.14 Scene 1 - 03/28/2020

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Description: Kelly (Avi) is jealous when she walks in on her mother flirting with her boyfriend (Van). He denies this and accuses her of flirting with her mother’s camera man, Tom. Kelly claims she was only flirting with Tom because John fucks her better when he is jealous. She then gives him a choice. He can either go watch her mom’s documentary, or he can follow her and fuck her. John follows his dick, and Kelly, into a forgotten storage room in the theater. They tear each other’s closes off. John buries his face in Kelly’s perfect little pussy to get it nice and wet. Kelly pulls his long cock out of his tight pants and takes the entire thing in her throbbing pussy. They have angry sex, jealous sex, which reminds both of them why they keep coming back to each other despite their obvious differences.
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